Making it through the Newborn stage

I never thought that I would be a Mother of 3, but here I am enjoying these little people.

I am blessed in many ways, since this pregnancy went so well, but took a turn for the worst a couple of days after leaving labor and delivery. I started having these headaches that wouldn’t go away when I took a nap or took Tylenol for. I called my OB and he instructed me to go to the ER. They took my blood pressure and because it was high, they admitted me immediately.

I learned the term, Postpartum Pre-eclampsia. They don’t take any chances since this can result in seizures and affect the brain, so I was put on a magnesium drip for 24 hours and kept for 2 nights while they monitored me. Keep in mind that I had not had any blood pressure issues while pregnant.

While there, I missed my newborn and family so much so initially was an emotional mess. But the nurses calmed me and ensured me that staying positive would help keep my blood pressure down so I could get back to them faster.

Here we are now with my little man turning 4 months old one day after Thanksgiving. Very exciting! It feels like only yesterday that he was born and was this little ball that only slept, pooped and ate. Now he is moving, grabbing, smiling, and laughing at everything. Man, how time really flies. Being my third child, but the first boy means a lot of new experiences and a lot of spoiling.

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