Back to School Already

It’s been a long 4 months in quarantine. I have been fortunate enough to work remotely, but with 3 kids and Hubby home, it is not easy. The first 2 months were made up of getting the girls up and logged on for virtual learning was rough. It allowed me 3 hours of un-interruptions, but then we also had the baby.

Believe me, if 2 elementary school-aged kids can’t understand you have to work, a baby under 1-year-old is definitely not going to care. Because of this, summer has been interesting. Its been one big jumble of the same thing each day and not knowing what day it is. But now, the schools will be starting up for a new year soon. The girls will be fully virtual learning again. Who knows what the school supply list will look like…

Are your kids’ schools returning to in-person, socially distance learning or remote, or hybrid?

If you need to get school supplies or you simply want to find items for the kids to continue learning outside of school, check out the discounted items at this link: Ready for School

Sick Mommy

So yesterday I started feeling a sore throat coming on. I had a long day at work and got home to my kids completely drained.

Those of you with kids know that we don’t get a break just because we are sick. My little munchkins were ready to party and I was ready to go to bed.

I wish there was a quick fix medicine to take before bed that would make me feel as good as new, just like those silly commercials make it seem. If only!

So in the meantime, I am on my Nyquil and Vicks Vapor Rub each night after the kids’ bedtime.