Fashion in Spokane, Washington

I have discovered a wonderful fashion market in Spokane, Washington. This site will show you the local fashion and events they host. I have to say that the fashion is quite appealing showcasing up and coming designers, as well as models.

There are some fascinating collections throughout Spokane’s fashion. There are beautiful silhouettes with sheer and lace.

I happen to love this lined red dress that looks like an embroidered sweater material.

Click on the picture to explore the fashion on the site. Which is your favorite?

YSL biopic Yves Saint Laurent with a chic scene from the film

I don’t know about you, but I definitely plan on seeing this biopic. Just this simple scene tells you a lot about the inspiration of this fashion era. Just something this simple put Yves Saint Laurent on the map of one of the biggest Fashion icons.

I had the pleasure of visiting his fashion house museum in Paris during my study abroad program and it is still so fascinating!

Will you be going to see it?