Warm Partywear Styles

Fall TrendsJust because it’s cold outside does not mean the parties stopped! I checked out some of the many Fall trends of celebrities who know how to stay warm while looking fashionable. Laura Baileys beautiful dress is my favorite. She looks warm without sacrificing the fashion.

Which one is you favorite?

Do you have pics of your warm fashions this Fall?

Please do share!

Split Skirts Trend

I have a denim split skirt in my closet and now it is a trend!

As we know, trends can come and go, then come again. At first, you would think that this was a wardrobe malfunction, however this trend is blazing through the summer.

Originally a split skirt described culottes, which first came out in 1382 for women horse riders. This was any garment that hangs like a skirt, but is really pants.

Now the split skirt is a slight cut in the middle of the skirt and tantalizes you with a sliver of thigh view!

Summer is a great time to break out your split skirt. Look good while showing off a little leg.

So go ahead! Rock your split skirt this summer!