Art I see while waiting…

As I sit in the waiting room for my doctor’s appointment, I am taking in the scenery.

This is my first time in this particular office so naturally there is a lot of new views to take in.

One of my favorite pastimes is visiting the art museums in the area. To take in new and innovative artwork from such great artist is the best.

I have to say that my favorite of these on the wall is the Lion. I mean, I am a Leo, of course. Such a beautiful, colorful, and vibrant portrayal of the king of the jungle.

Check out this beautiful artwork for yourself and tell me what you think…

Sugar Art and Fashion Show


This is a night of collective artistry supporting emerging and underground  female talent. I haven’t had the chance to submit my designs for the show (hopefully I will be able to soon), but I have heard great things about them.

Check them out now!