Tokyo Rain Fashion

For those who know me, they know that I love colorful and fun fashions.

Courtesy of I came across this picture from Japan’s famous Fuji Rock festival weekend. Because it rained, everyone’s colorful rain wear popped out in the crowd! Here are two fun Fuji Rockers – one with an umbrella hat and cute green rain boots!

Makes me wonder what ever happened to the colorful rain jacket I used to wear in high school! Oh how I miss that…it was my favorite!

Split Skirts Trend

I have a denim split skirt in my closet and now it is a trend!

As we know, trends can come and go, then come again. At first, you would think that this was a wardrobe malfunction, however this trend is blazing through the summer.

Originally a split skirt described culottes, which first came out in 1382 for women horse riders. This was any garment that hangs like a skirt, but is really pants.

Now the split skirt is a slight cut in the middle of the skirt and tantalizes you with a sliver of thigh view!

Summer is a great time to break out your split skirt. Look good while showing off a little leg.

So go ahead! Rock your split skirt this summer!