Sundays in our house

So tomorrow is work and school. Sundays in our house means church, washing clothes, grocery shopping, and doing hair.

After all of this and the kids are bathed and in bed, we can relax and watch our shows. The routine is great and never fails. I have been putting my girls down for bed at 8:00PM since they were each 4 months old.

I am ready for a productive work week and hope to improve my work life balance.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

Hardship for our family

So we have been dealing with our Homeowner’s Association (HOA) in regards to losing income and needing a forbearance or payment plan.

Of course they drop the ball by never responding to our notice in writing and then just forward us to their attorney. The Collections Assistant we deal with treats me like I am stupid and don’t know anything, but little does she know, I had information at hand.

She asked for us to provide a payment plan we can pay to take to the HOA and when we do, it gets declined. She then responds that it is because we cannot meet the guidelines for the payment plan with the HOA.

So then I wonder, what was the point in asking us to provide an offer on what we could pay, if you already had guidelines.

8 years we have lived here and paid our HOA each month, but this is obviously how they treat their loyal paying clients….